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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these FAQs. They will answer many questions already on your mind!  Please feel free to contact us if you have  any additional questions.

There’s no better feeling than when we match one of our precious pets with their caring new owner. It’s why we put so much time, love and effort into making sure these special animals continue to be bred. 

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What is the cost?

Our kittens are $1800 for Siamese and $2200 for Balinese. 

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Our waitlist

After you fill out and sign our deposit contract. We will only then have you send your $500 non-refundable deposit. We will sign the contract ourselves after receiving your deposit to confirm payment and as a receipt for your deposit confirmation. 

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How long is the waitlist?

After you send your non-refundable $500 deposit we add you to our waitlist. Our waitlist goes in order of those who have paid first and it can roll over into any litter. We can't guarantee that you will get a kitten immediately. We never know how many kittens each queen will give birth to. We work our best to find the perfect fit for EVERY family.

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Is the price negotiable?

We do not compete on price. Our kittens are top of the line pedigree and health. Our goal is to enhance the breed and give the most loving social pets to every family. We pride ourselves in our breeding lines and all of our kittens are registered with either CFA or TICA as is our entire cattery.

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What do we do for pick up or delivery?

We allow pick up at our home in Wilmington, DE or we can provide ground transport anywhere in the East coast for a separate fee. We also have flight nannies available to fly and ensure that your kitten is directly handed off to you at your local airport. Transport fees cost anywhere from 300-1000 based on your location and you will be notified of the exact cost once transport is arranged.

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Are your kittens registered?

All of our cats and our Sapphire Kittens Cattery itself are registered through CFA & TICA. Your kitten will come with papers and a health guarantee.

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Do you have a contract?

We have all of our families sign a contract to protect themselves and us. There are two separate contracts a deposit contract which serves as a receipt of your deposit and states which color point and sex you prefer for waitlist. The second contract is a pet contract that you will receive after you officially pick out your kitten at 8 weeks of age. This pet contract will have all your kittens exact information. 

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Do you have a Health Guarantee? 

2 year Health Guarantee against genetic defects, and 72 hours health guarantee against ailments or sickness. If purchased kitten dies within 2 years of date of sale/delivery due to an inherited genetic disease, Purchaser must inform Seller in writing and provide a necropsy report from a licensed veterinarian. Seller will replace said kitten with another kitten of equal or lesser value selected by the Purchaser. No price difference(s) will be refunded or applied to kitten shipping or toward another kitten. All shipping costs and medical costs are the responsibility of the Purchaser. No refunds, discounts or credits will be given. Seller guarantees that this cat/kitten is healthy to the best of her knowledge.This cat/kitten is guaranteed for 72 hours against but not limited to the following ailments: upper respiratory infection, internal and external parasites, and against FELV / FIV, fleas/ticks and mites. Purchaser has 72 hours to take the kitten to the veterinarian for a health exam. If any health concerns are found, the veterinarian’s documentation must be provided, and the Purchaser can return the kitten to the Seller within seven (7) calendar days of the examination of the kitten. No medical or travel expenses will be refunded or credited on returned kittens and replacement kitten shipping is the responsibility of the Purchaser.“ Please make sure to take your cat/kitten to the vet within the 72 hour period if you have any concerns.My goal is continually produce healthy kittens. Please inform me if your cat/kitten develops any health issues. I will try to be as helpful and accommodating as possible. Seller assumes no liability or responsibility for any veterinary care for this cat after the purchaser takes possession of said cat. Under no circumstances will the seller be responsible for any veterinary bills incurred by the purchaser.

Frequently asked Questions: About Us
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