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2024 Pairings


Queen Athena & Koda litter 

Queen Athena is due August 4th with Koda’s kittens. Queen Athena’s  litter can produce seal and blue point. We are expecting mainly siamese with a possible 1-2 balinese kittens in her litter. 

Queen Ameera & Graden litter 

Queen Ameera is due August 17th with Graden’s kittens. This litter will be entirely Balinese with Seal, Blue & Lilac Points to be expected from this pairing. 


Queen Brandy & Chandler 

Queen Brandy is due August 30th with Chandler‘s kittens. We are expecting some Siamese with 1-2 Balinese in this litter, they will produce mainly blue point and seal points.

If you want to be added to our list for future litters, please get in touch.

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